“We are the only animal that awakens its young.” Andre Stern

Raquel is four years old. He gets up at six o’clock, or rather, gets her up. At seven he is at school. She is one of those who arrives earlier, she has extended hours tomorrow because her parents go early to work. He has breakfast there and waits playing with the other early risers until nine o’clock and all the others enter. Raquel then falls asleep on the class carpet during the assembly, if she is lucky and she touches me, I am soft and I leave her, because I feel sorry for her. In the afternoons the rest of the children go home at five o’clock, but Raquel also has lunch at school and stays until six because her parents are late to work. Raquel does not want to go to school.

Raquel now will be eight years old and maybe she does not remember that she did not want to go, or maybe she still does not want to, I do not know, I lost track of her when I left that school. The reasons why I did not want to go are many and varied but what is clear is that Raquel has to go like everyone else, like it or not, because her parents work, to pay for things like the school Rachel is going to. Also to learn, socialize and those things … But above all because of that, because their parents work and if not, with whom would Raquel stay? 

But this has not always been the case. Now it seems obvious, but there was a time when children’s schools did not exist and children socialized and learned to read and add without problem. The introduction of women in the labor market upsets the system a bit. Who will take care of the children now? And that’s where the nursery school appears, which was first a place where children played as they used to do in their homes, without chips , without so many obligations, nor rules, nor duties, nor Indian line, nor is it time to play … to gradually become what it is today.

A place where many children do not want to go, where it is necessary to learn things every time, where there is less and less time for free play (even in the playground it is proposed to do directed games, it will not be that the children will not know what to play), where reward competitiveness and obedience above all. A place that was not enough to be a game space, that had to be productive, where children did something useful, useful for whom? since playing should be that it is not. 

But an obsolete place for the century in which we live, which does not respond to the real needs of children, which we all know has to change but we do not know how exactly. That each time it looks more like primary school, taking all the negative aspects of it, homework, assignments … With little space for creativity, interest, reflection, discovery. Where the adult is the one who has the knowledge and the children have to listen and then check if they have learned what someone is supposed to have learned.  

In short, a place that needs to be reviewed. And that’s what I’m going to try to do here, among a thousand other things that I want to talk about. Bring to light all those shortcomings that I have been finding in the nursery school that I think need an analysis. Based on my own experience as a teacher I hope to remove some conscience, invite reflection, help someone, learn from others, or at least share with whoever wants to read me, my steps as a mother and teacher of children. Thanks for sharing!


  1. Ésta es la razón por la q yo dejé el trabajo de maestra y decidí cuidar de mi hijo en casa. Tuve q quitarme de muchas cosas (de las q no son importantes), incluso cambiamos la ciudad por un pueblo pequeño donde todo es más barato y donde el niño no necesita ir a la escuela para socializar. Siempre tengo mucha controversia con muchos maestros, sobre todo de educación infantil, precisamente por creer que lo de q los niños empiecen el colegio tan pronto es una necesidad de la sociedad, no de los niños propios.Enhorabuena por tu blog! Somos muchas las q pensamos como tú.

  2. Gracias por tu comentario! Yo también decicí quitarme de esas cosas que con el tiempo te das cuenta que no son importantes para poder estar con mi hija en casa y no tenerla que escolarizar. Y sí, como tú soy de esas raras que no cree que los niños necesiten la escuela, porque está muy interiorizado que les viene muy bien. ¡Qué bueno encontrar que no estamos tan solos!😉

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